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Product information:

Applicable object: general

Baby name: Pet comb (negative ion comb)

Baby specifications: length about 21.5cm, comb length about 11.5cm, width about 6cm, 78 comb teeth.

How to use: Install a 9V battery to use (self-matching)


1. Dual air purification technology: release active oxygen (ozone) and negative ions;

2. Active oxygen (ozone) is generated by electrons, which can effectively remove bacteria, odor, dust and mold from pets;

3. Removable brush, easy to clean;

4. One key switch is easy to operate;

5. Quiet operation design;

6. There is no need to replace consumables such as filters or activated carbon, which is economical and convenient.

7. Pets are impatient and move around, widen the brush head to increase the cleaning speed

Packing list:

Comb x1

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Weight 0.16 lbs
Dimensions 235 × 85 × 50 in

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