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Product information:

Material: ABS+UV

Product Category: Dog Trainer

Colour: Black

Working distance: 600 meters

Working method: sound + vibration


1. The signal wake-up receiver technology is adopted, and the receiver can be activated by pressing any launch button of the remote control. The traditional technology is to use the ball switch to wake up, that is, the receiver must be shaken to activate, and there is abnormal noise, which is easy to fail after long-term use. The receiver does not work.

2. When the receiver is working, there will be a blue flashing light, which more intuitively lets customers know the working state, avoids repeatedly giving signals, and at the same time has the effect of hunting dogs at night.

3. Product material: ABS+UV+rubber paint appearance frosted treatment process

4. Metal decorative sheet, improve the grade

5. The keys are ABS silk screen printed on UV spray to prevent the symbols from falling off easily and feel better

6. The theoretical remote control distance is 600 meters, the wireless penetration ability is strong, and the distance is farther without any interference.

7. In terms of power consumption, imported chips are adopted, which greatly prolongs the use and standby time of the product, so as to ensure that consumers can use the product after receiving it, and the charging time is short and the battery life is long. After the full power is turned off, the storage time can reach more than 15 months, and it is guaranteed that there will be enough power during the storage period

8. The latest appearance, more in line with European and American aesthetics, smooth lines and comfortable feel, simple and one-click direct access

9. Complete product certification, CE FCC ROHS MSDS, air freight report, sea freight report, waterproof grade report IPX7, appearance patent in hand to prevent counterfeit products from disrupting the market.

10. The collar adopts high-quality nylon rope reflective collar, which is anti-bite. As long as the light is illuminated at night, the collar will reflect light and play a safety warning role.

11. Sound, vibration and LED light mode, there are 8 levels of vibration adjustable

Packing list:

Dog Trainer+Charger+Manual*1 Set

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Weight 0.32 lbs
Dimensions 220 × 120 × 60 in


Electrical outlet



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